Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby Gift Items in Flannel


I had fun sewing baby items for a friends shower last week. I used super soft flannel fabrics for bibs and burp cloths.  Joanns had their Snuggle flannels on sale so, I pick up a few.

I also had a couple of solids in my stash and a pretty vintage pink rose flannel that I found at an estate sale last summer.

For the shower gift I used the mint green cherry blossom paired with a pink minky dot for one set...

And the vintage pink rose and solid pink for the other set.

I used the same pattern for the bib as the last one I made. Its from Heather Bailey's blog.
For the pink rose burp cloth I just free-handed a pattern.
Then, along with several items from her registry, I packed them all into a handmade fabric bin.

I constructed this one slightly different than the others I've made here and here.
It is a bit smaller and the handles are attached to the sides rather than the top edge.

I think bins are always useful...for toys, diapers, blankets, dvds, books, etc.  So, hopefully she can find a place for it.  :)
Babies are so fun to sew for! And I'm always looking for new ideas.  What type of projects do you like to make for baby?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little Break From the Cold

Hubby and I headed south to visit family in Florida.  Sunny and temps in the 80's was a welcome change from the snow, cold, and ice we were experiencing here in Ohio.

Most of our time was spent inland working on my In-law's house, but we did squeeze in one day at the beach.  We stayed in Casey Key which is about an hour north of Ft.Myers.
These colorful bungalows looked as though they had just been built or remodeled and we were able to stay in one of the beachfront rooms on the back side that faced the ocean.

It was awesome to wake up to a view of the beach!

Back to reality...although thankfully this week Ohio is seeing a few days of 50 degree weather.  :)
I also got to sew some fun items for another baby shower, and will share them in a few days.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold Weather and Warm-Hearted Friends

Like much of the country, we have had our share of snow and cold weather this winter.  And earlier this week, found ourselves in the deep freeze of the polar vortex.  brrrrrr  
But a sweet package arrived to brighten my week.  A lovely pair of handmade kitchen goodies from the talented quilter, blogger, and pattern designer, Stephanie of Loft Creations! (Who, by the way, now has her very own book!)
I just had to share a picture of them in front of the vintage bread sign hanging in my kitchen.  Look how awesome they go together.  And the little pear applique on the hot pad is all vintage fabrics...too perfect.  :)
And in an effort to make peace with all the snow, I've put together a few vintage fabrics that remind me of snowflakes.

These are all from the 1950's.  The design is sort of a Penn-Dutch, geo-floral that was quite popular at the time.  I've always liked them as they were reminiscent of the Spirograph designs of my childhood. And although similar, they were each unique, like snowflakes.  :)

Stay warm, everyone!  Only 10 more weeks until spring! (ugh, can that be right?)lol

Monday, December 16, 2013

EpiPen Case

This was a little project for a friend of mine. Her daughter has peanut allergies and she wanted a pretty case for her Epipen.

I made two different styles (actually 3, but didn't get a picture of one of them).  I also made a small label to identify the contents.

I used a computer printer fabric sheet for the label, backed it with interfacing and satin stitched around the edge.  Then just trimmed any excess fabric close to the stitching.  Because the ink isn't washable, I just basted it on to the case with large stitches.  That way she can remove it if she ever does need to clean it. (Update: I just found out that they do make one that's washable.)

Have you ever used the printer fabric?  I'm wondering how I could use the other 3+ sheets in the pack.  :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cotton Laminate Bible/Book Cover

I recently got a new bible and it's light gray leather. It an effort to keep it from getting pen marks or scuffs, I wanted to make a cover for it.
I also wanted more page markers than the 2 it came with.  So this is what I came up with...

I used a cotton laminate by Amy Butler.  The cover is a very simple design, unlined.  I just measured from the edge of the front cover around the spine to the edge of the back, then added 7 inches (this left me 3.5 inches for each side to hem and fold to the inside). I also added 1" to the book's height for seam allowance.   I sewed the pockets right sides together and then turned them out.  Then stitched down the section between the pockets at the top and bottom.

I also cut 2 long thin strips of laminate to use as extra page markers.  I glued them in between a folded piece of card stock 1" wide, and slipped it down behind the leather at the spine.  I could have attached them directly to the laminate cover, too. But I'm not sure how they will hold up and if they get too frayed looking, I'd like to be able to remove and replace them.

I like it!  Now I'm looking around to see what other books might need a pretty cover.  :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sewing Party Projects

This past weekend I got together with a bunch of friends at the local library for a sewing/craft party.  We had coffee and snacks and all brought projects we wanted to work on and fabric we wanted to trade or give away.  One girl was teaching crochet techniques, another was hand sewing a doll, and several of us had our sewing machines and were finishing up half-started projects.

Here's what I accomplished that night; A little bunny wristlet and a few vintage fabric key chains.

I had cut most of the pieces for this little pouch years ago, but as with many projects, it got stuck in a drawer and forgotten.  I love this vintage children's fabric (its a 1940's Puritan Print called "Mail Time") and have used many of the cute little scenes before.  On this wristlet I used the bunny on the front and a strip with the bluebird on the back.

I also tried out some new key chain hardware.  This was just another way to use up tiny scraps of vintage fabric that I can't throw away.  I only needed about a 1.5 inch strip for these.

It was a fun and fairly productive evening.  I wish I would have remembered to take some pictures while I was there, but apparently I felt the need to defend my title as "World's Worst Blogger".  lol
Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Sweater ReMake

I don't usually sew clothing items, I'm much more comfortable with small accessories.  But, this weekend I did attempt a very simple sweater remake.  I had been looking for a taupe cardigan to wear with skirts, dresses, and also jeans.  You'd think it would be easy enough to find, but I wasn't having any success despite hitting 2 large malls and several other stores like TJMaxx, Target, and Marshalls.

But, I did find this V-neck pullover at Macy's.  It was the perfect color and it was on sale!  So, I thought it might be a good candidate for a remake.
I simply cut it straight up the center and then serged the cut edges.
Then I just hand stitched a rolled hem.

I wore it yesterday, and I'm happy with how it turned out.  I'm debating about whether to add a closure of some sort.  Maybe a little hidden hook and eye, or a small ribbon tie, or possibly a vintage button with loop.
I'll play around with these options and see what I like best.  All in all, I'm happy with the outcome.  :)
How about you? Have you attempted any clothing remakes lately?